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Me, the fan of the lists follows, this application allows to list everything we need on the D-day, both for the mother, the baby and for the father, without forgetting the administrative papers. What I like: The app offers a pre-recorded list to which you can add more entries. For each one we can indicate if it is something we need to buy and if it is then at home or in a suitcase. Super convenient to get organized! What I like less: design level, the application is very sophisticated. It deserves to be a little more beautiful, with photos and colors. My opinion: very sophisticated, but very useful, this is the best application I have seen when it comes to the organization of the D-Day. I don`t think I`m going to get in touch and say that it will be very helpful for me to prepare for D-Day. "Contractions" allow mothers to track their contractions during childbirth. The application provides a way to record and display - The start and end times of each contraction - the length - intensity - frequency - of notesIt calculates the average frequency and duration of contractions. The stopwatch does not stop when you close the application during a contraction. You can change the contraction data if you don`t pick up the phone in time or if you forget to stop the stopwatch. You can send the complete table of contractions by email.

This app uses VoiceOver to improve accessibility. This application does not replace the advice of a professional or doctor. It should not be used for medical self-diagnosis. If in doubt, please consult your doctor or other qualified health professional. Duration is the time that elapses from the beginning to the end of the contraction. Frequency is the time that passes from the beginning of one contraction to the beginning of the next. As the active phase of labor approaches, contractions occur more regularly, about every five minutes, and last about 50 to 70 seconds. This app will inspire you with the top 20 trendy names in many countries.

Need more name ideas for your baby? This application allows you to draw from a database of 27,000 first names. An inexhaustible source that also gives you the etymology (origin) of first names. I wanted to count my contractions so I wouldn`t go to the hospital too soon. I expected contractions every 5 minutes for two hours before going. I spent more than 24 hours at home with terrible contractions. All the results were completely wrong, but with the state I was in, I doubted my resentment. So I arrived at the hospital with the baby`s head almost tense. I was barely 1 minute between each contraction and it was done between 3 and 9 minutes !! I had a very good midwife, so I knew that if the time came or if I couldn`t go down the 4 floors to take a taxi, I would have to call one.

The poor man was traumatized when he saw me. I arrived at the hospital at the last minute. I didn`t have time to have an epidural or anything else. Luckily, I always figured I wouldn`t necessarily have an epidural if I could handle the pain, so it didn`t scare me in the end, but at the time I would have done anything to get it. If you are afraid, do not use this app !!! This app for parents is a real journal where you can track all the important moments of your baby. You can transfer photos as well as a small descriptive text. A section allows you to consult doctor`s appointments, vaccines, medications and the famous weight and height curves of the baby. Finally, a tool area such as "Baby Connect" allows you to track the frequency of feedings, bottles and diaper changes.

One of only two apps I kept from my 1st pregnancy. Month after month, we have tips on how to better live your pregnancy. We also have the opportunity to be in touch with today`s pregnancy What I liked: lots of little tips and tricks to better live your pregnancy, which is not bad if you tend to be a little stressed! What I didn`t like as much: Due to these little tips and tricks, the app doesn`t offer more functions. My opinion: Practical for a first pregnancy, but superfluous for a second, I think. For me, it should be used in addition to a more extensive application. We offer you some of the best apps to record when and how often you have your contractions. You can even know when to go to the hospital at the touch of a button. They can be useful for coping with the moment with more peace and security, especially if this is your first delivery. It helps you time the duration and frequency of your contractions during labor.

It indicates the time of each contraction, its duration and the interval between them. The most downloaded contraction stopwatch app in the world! Number 1 in the UK, Australia, Canada, Italy and elsewhere! It is the easiest contraction stopwatch to use. The app helps you track your contractions and determine when it`s time to go to the hospital. When you schedule a home birth, the app tells you what stage of childbirth you are at at any given time. Keep track of your delivery by pressing a single button at the beginning and end of each contraction. The contraction stopwatch analyzes the duration and frequency of contractions and warns you when it`s time to go to the hospital. Thousands of pregnant women around the world have become mothers with our app. Constantly consult your doctor to inform you about the frequency and duration of your contractions. This app is not a medical device and our recommendations are based on standard indicators. Your delivery may manifest itself differently. Therefore, don`t just rely on our app. If the duration and frequency of contractions do not directly correspond to the required indicators, and the pain of childbirth becomes unbearable, it is better to go to the hospital as soon as possible, rather than giving birth at home or on the go.

Think about what your body is telling you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to us at Your comments and opinions are very important to us. One of the most complete uses for pregnant women, where you can check your pregnancy schedule, discover the stages of development of your fetus, track your weight curve and adjust your diet. .